Tuesday, 3 September 2013

What is Shrink sleeves? – A small definition through Infographic

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More choices are available in stores, But the business main aim differentiates their product from Competitors So that is way to achieve business goal through Shrink Sleeves.

Shrink sleeve is a great tool to decorate your products with 360 degrees permit and making a name for itself in the label industry for several reasons:

  • Its full body design allows shape, many color shades and graphics
  • The sleeves films are durable, abrasion resistant and waterproof
Below Infographic tell What technically process is done when Shrink Sleeve manufacturing ::

About the Author :: Sophia Sarah writes this small information and She is Sr. Marketing person in Swiss Pack U.K. You can find more her stuff on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

What is a Shrink Brand?

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Shrink bands also known heat shrink sleeves where heat is applied to products and fits whole bottles or jars or around the cap / neck that generally produce using PVC film, PETG films etc. These brands help to make safe and acceptable products. Here below example of shrink brands ::

Shrink brand

By using heat gun or heat tunnels, this method shrinks to fit your product  in seconds.  Within the help of Shrink brands you can creating labels like customize label, custom printed label, unique labels, glass labels for products and display  logos / information about products. Labels labeling are attractive and eye-cashing that help to get consumers for buy labels and reach to top. 

Shrink Brands Advantages ::

  • Easy to apply
  • 360 degrees permit
  • Shrink to fit within seconds
  • Providing a tamper evident seal to consumers
  • Easily use in drink, food and medicine containers
  • Cost-effective way
  • Economical solution
  • Print informative message , logos, address and more
  • Decorated top to bottom
  • Combination packaging
  • More style applied including unique or rectangular shapes

Monday, 1 July 2013

Buy safe, Tamper proof or Tamper evident products

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A Tamper evident labels made from PVC plastic sleeve or high quality adhesive that fits around the cap and neck or sometimes the whole bottle. Some products are required to keep safe for use so tamper seals ensuring the integrity of your product. Tamper Evident Labels are provide best security and protection of your assets.


Tamper evident labels are very helpful in preventing products from being stolen while shipping from one place to another place. Using these types of quality labels consumers are highly satisfied and solve its tamper evident solution.

Tamper Evident labels advantages ::

  • Labels can be sealed with customized/ standard text, logo or serial number
  • Suitable for smooth surface
  • Suitable for most products
  • Provide fool proof and tamper security
  • Possible any shape label
  • Chemical resistant
  • Not removable without destruction
  • Can be applied to curved surfaces
  • Very long shelf life
  • Extremely easy to apply
  • Very short manufacturing lead times
  • Fast and easy way
  • Economical solution
  • Appropriate for paper and cardboard, plain, printed or laminated

Available varieties ::

* Holographic security labels
       * Security labels
* Tamper-proof labels

About Our Company

Shrinklabels.org manufacturing best quality of tamper evident labels / seal for past several years. Customers feel free order us to design the labels as per their requirements by choosing their logos, colors and text.

Your custom company logo and name can be printed to enhance security even further. If you would like to inquire about a tamper evident labels/ seal to your packaging, We encourage you to Buy safe, tamper proof, or tamper evident products contact us.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Shrink sleeve labels advantages

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Some peoples are not aware of Shrink sleeve labels but they definitely saw in daily life. Shrink sleeves are one type of labels that have the ability to make a decorative sleeve up to 360 degrees with a skin tight effect which are heated or affixed on the container.
Shrink sleeve
They have the ability to give unique label shape, many color shades and provide excellent outstanding look. Shrink sleeve labels are applied in any types of bottles shape or sizes, don’t worry your products are small, big or complex.

Here below some Shrink sleeve labels reasons why we use:

  • Attractive look or catch the public’s eye
  • Durable
  • Display area for information and promotions
  • Advertisements for the product
  • Printing up to 360 degrees
  • Full body or shoulder
  • Apply metalized gold effect
  • Economical
  • Easy to implement
  • Custom labels almost any design
  • Price of producing so low because made very thin plastic or films
  • Tamper  / Product protection

Promote your Brands with Customized labels and stickers

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custom labels and stickers
Customized labels and stickers a great way of advertising your business. They made from high quality material and we are easy to apply to our products. You found anywhere like on wine bottles, on food products, on medical products etc.

On Printed stickers and labels we found product specification, price, model number and much more. These are a great advertising tool. They have different shapes like ::

* Circle     * Square      * Rectangle
* Heart   * Triangle   * Star

Custom labels and stickers Portfolio ::

Custom Beverage labels

Custom Beverage labels

Coffee & Tea Labels

Coffee & Tea Labels

Custom food labels

    Custom food labels

Health & Beauty Labels

Health & Beauty Labels

Custom Pet Product Labels

Custom Pet Product Labels

Recreation Labels

Recreation Labels

Supplement &    Nutraceutical

Wine labels

Wine labels

Industrial and Electrical Labels

Industrial and Electrical Labels

If you start a new business, then you first find the best company to print custom labels and stickers and use promoting your business. 

Friday, 17 May 2013

Full body Shrink Sleeves Labels - Eye-Catching Solution for Every Marketer

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Full Body Shrink Sleeves labels
Full body shrink sleeve labels plays an essential role in marketing the products which provide two benefits to decorating a products top to bottom, increase brand image and  product attraction. They are ::

* good quality    *  Durable

* High Capacity  * Tested at each & every stage of manufacturing

Full body shrink sleeve labels allow top to bottom decoration of bottles, No matter the product sizes are big, small or complex.

Full Body Shrink Sleeves labels an all-around advantages ::

• Covers 360 degree top to bottom decoration
• Body sleeves provide decorations to round, square, rectangular, uniqe, and all types of products (glass, plastic, metal)
• Perforations available for easy removal by the end user
• Full body shrink sleeve reverse printed for protection against surface oils, scratching, and scuffing
• Full body sleeves can be made as custom printed up to 9 colors on PVC and PETG shrink films
• Full or empty body decoration in any shape

Fields for use:

• Plastic containers and bottles
• Glass containers and bottles
• Metal containers and bottles

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Shrink sleeve labels a way for product decoration and enhance brand image

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Shrink sleeve labels
Packaging plays an important role in the marketing business products. Marketers today are in a constant search for innovative packaging solutions to gain competitive advantage.

Shrink sleeve labels is an excellent way which provide a double benefit for product decoration, enhance brand image and creating product attraction.

Full body shrink sleeve labels gives complete shape from top to bottom and attractive look to the product. Heat shrink labels are made as promotional which can be applied to any size of bottles no matter the products are big or small size.

Shrink sleeves are made from high quality shrink films like PVC, Pet films that can be used for packaging various products.

Shrink labels can be used on plastic bottles, glass bottles, glass jars, plastic jars, containers and tubes. Shrink film labels are attractive, eye catching look and manage product enhancement, that can be made to the contour of any size of the products. PVC shrink films are comfortable or suitable for stationary, food & beverages, tapes, gifts and much more.

Shrink Sleeves used following industries:

• Food & Beverages
• Soft Drinks
• Pharmaceuticals
• Pesticides
• Cosmetics
• Promotional products
• Medical products

Shrink labeling is most common and easily acceptable method, This concept is simple but more effectively.

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