Saturday, 11 May 2013

Shrink sleeve labels a way for product decoration and enhance brand image

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Shrink sleeve labels
Packaging plays an important role in the marketing business products. Marketers today are in a constant search for innovative packaging solutions to gain competitive advantage.

Shrink sleeve labels is an excellent way which provide a double benefit for product decoration, enhance brand image and creating product attraction.

Full body shrink sleeve labels gives complete shape from top to bottom and attractive look to the product. Heat shrink labels are made as promotional which can be applied to any size of bottles no matter the products are big or small size.

Shrink sleeves are made from high quality shrink films like PVC, Pet films that can be used for packaging various products.

Shrink labels can be used on plastic bottles, glass bottles, glass jars, plastic jars, containers and tubes. Shrink film labels are attractive, eye catching look and manage product enhancement, that can be made to the contour of any size of the products. PVC shrink films are comfortable or suitable for stationary, food & beverages, tapes, gifts and much more.

Shrink Sleeves used following industries:

• Food & Beverages
• Soft Drinks
• Pharmaceuticals
• Pesticides
• Cosmetics
• Promotional products
• Medical products

Shrink labeling is most common and easily acceptable method, This concept is simple but more effectively.


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