Friday, 17 May 2013

Full body Shrink Sleeves Labels - Eye-Catching Solution for Every Marketer

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Full Body Shrink Sleeves labels
Full body shrink sleeve labels plays an essential role in marketing the products which provide two benefits to decorating a products top to bottom, increase brand image and  product attraction. They are ::

* good quality    *  Durable

* High Capacity  * Tested at each & every stage of manufacturing

Full body shrink sleeve labels allow top to bottom decoration of bottles, No matter the product sizes are big, small or complex.

Full Body Shrink Sleeves labels an all-around advantages ::

• Covers 360 degree top to bottom decoration
• Body sleeves provide decorations to round, square, rectangular, uniqe, and all types of products (glass, plastic, metal)
• Perforations available for easy removal by the end user
• Full body shrink sleeve reverse printed for protection against surface oils, scratching, and scuffing
• Full body sleeves can be made as custom printed up to 9 colors on PVC and PETG shrink films
• Full or empty body decoration in any shape

Fields for use:

• Plastic containers and bottles
• Glass containers and bottles
• Metal containers and bottles


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