Tuesday, 2 July 2013

What is a Shrink Brand?

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Shrink bands also known heat shrink sleeves where heat is applied to products and fits whole bottles or jars or around the cap / neck that generally produce using PVC film, PETG films etc. These brands help to make safe and acceptable products. Here below example of shrink brands ::

Shrink brand

By using heat gun or heat tunnels, this method shrinks to fit your product  in seconds.  Within the help of Shrink brands you can creating labels like customize label, custom printed label, unique labels, glass labels for products and display  logos / information about products. Labels labeling are attractive and eye-cashing that help to get consumers for buy labels and reach to top. 

Shrink Brands Advantages ::

  • Easy to apply
  • 360 degrees permit
  • Shrink to fit within seconds
  • Providing a tamper evident seal to consumers
  • Easily use in drink, food and medicine containers
  • Cost-effective way
  • Economical solution
  • Print informative message , logos, address and more
  • Decorated top to bottom
  • Combination packaging
  • More style applied including unique or rectangular shapes


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