Monday, 1 July 2013

Buy safe, Tamper proof or Tamper evident products

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A Tamper evident labels made from PVC plastic sleeve or high quality adhesive that fits around the cap and neck or sometimes the whole bottle. Some products are required to keep safe for use so tamper seals ensuring the integrity of your product. Tamper Evident Labels are provide best security and protection of your assets.


Tamper evident labels are very helpful in preventing products from being stolen while shipping from one place to another place. Using these types of quality labels consumers are highly satisfied and solve its tamper evident solution.

Tamper Evident labels advantages ::

  • Labels can be sealed with customized/ standard text, logo or serial number
  • Suitable for smooth surface
  • Suitable for most products
  • Provide fool proof and tamper security
  • Possible any shape label
  • Chemical resistant
  • Not removable without destruction
  • Can be applied to curved surfaces
  • Very long shelf life
  • Extremely easy to apply
  • Very short manufacturing lead times
  • Fast and easy way
  • Economical solution
  • Appropriate for paper and cardboard, plain, printed or laminated

Available varieties ::

* Holographic security labels
       * Security labels
* Tamper-proof labels

About Our Company manufacturing best quality of tamper evident labels / seal for past several years. Customers feel free order us to design the labels as per their requirements by choosing their logos, colors and text.

Your custom company logo and name can be printed to enhance security even further. If you would like to inquire about a tamper evident labels/ seal to your packaging, We encourage you to Buy safe, tamper proof, or tamper evident products contact us.


We really need to go with something safe nowadays. So better learn more about tamper proof seals. If you have other questions about this, you can visit our site at

If deliberate or known alteration to your products, information or tools is hitting the reputation of your company and giving you a financial hit as well, then tamper proof labels can be a permanent solution to your problems. By using these labels you can seal and stick the confidential documents, valuables, cash or any other products by putting a stop to planned or unplanned access.

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