Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Shrink sleeve labels advantages

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Some peoples are not aware of Shrink sleeve labels but they definitely saw in daily life. Shrink sleeves are one type of labels that have the ability to make a decorative sleeve up to 360 degrees with a skin tight effect which are heated or affixed on the container.
Shrink sleeve
They have the ability to give unique label shape, many color shades and provide excellent outstanding look. Shrink sleeve labels are applied in any types of bottles shape or sizes, don’t worry your products are small, big or complex.

Here below some Shrink sleeve labels reasons why we use:

  • Attractive look or catch the public’s eye
  • Durable
  • Display area for information and promotions
  • Advertisements for the product
  • Printing up to 360 degrees
  • Full body or shoulder
  • Apply metalized gold effect
  • Economical
  • Easy to implement
  • Custom labels almost any design
  • Price of producing so low because made very thin plastic or films
  • Tamper  / Product protection


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